Tokyo (part 1): Learning to Re-Invent the Wheel

WeRclassic Series: The Styles of Tokyo
by Reebok

I came across this Reebok vid today after work which brought me back through the city of Tokyo once again. Unique is indeed a word which describes Tokyo that nobody would disagree with but exactly “why?” is still an answer that I am slowly piecing together despite having lived and worked there for 2.5+ years. Regardless, I thought I’d share what I have figured out so far.

Of course the most obvious answer is the fact that the city itself reflects the mindset and beliefs of the Japanese culture. BUT I don’t think Tokyo is unique because the Japanese are wired to be “more daring” or are somehow genetically “more creative” because they allow themselves to have fashion icons like the “predator” (yes that is indeed very very different but I don’t think that’s exactly it!). I believe it is the Japanese’s unique ability to analyze, embrace other cultures, adapt it AND ALWAYS re-create it into something that can only make total sense in their own cultural context which explains why Lolita girls walking down the streets of the city can be such a normal thing in the streets of even suburban Tokyo.

Sure, in North America, being unique is (more and more often now a days) regarded as a positive but the difference is while most of the West welcomes inspiration into their life, rarely are we brave enough to embrace it fully and let ourselves be aspired by it. Why is that?… I still haven’t figured that part out yet but I’m starting to think that it has something to do with how arts & crafts and DIY culture is so strongly integrated into the daily Japanese lifestyle and education which allows them to take more chances… to not be so scared to “re-invent the wheel” each time there is an opportunity to do so.

And though I wouldn’t encourage all designers, artists or simply creative souls to suggest something WAYYYYYYY out there during your precious few minutes with the A.D. in the next team meet, I would feel safe enough to say that it wouldn’t hurt if we do try more often! Afterall, even if you fail… you can always go back to the drawing board! And seriously that’s what we do best!!!


I ♥ Paper Aeroplanes – Same Mistakes

I ♥ the white bricks
I ♥ the rough patch on the floor
I ♥ the red cushions
I ♥ the placement of the mug
I ♥ the “sweet simplicity” of the acoustic guitar
I ♥ that his eyes are closed during the entire time
I ♥ that she is bare feet & wiggling her toes to the tempo
I ♥ the expressiveness & dynamics of her voice & even breath
I ♥ the DIY quality of this video
I ♥ the intimacy created by the combination of all of the above

I ♥ this performance by Paper Aeroplanes

Album: We Are Ghosts

Ground Yourself & Breathe…

Ground Yourself & Breathe: visual diary 2011.08.29

“Imagine yourself as a tree, standing tall & strong… ground yourself & breathe~”

That’s a line I’ve heard my yoga instructor Lorraine say a gazillion times for the last 2 months I’ve been practicing yoga. It didn’t take me long to find out that balance was my biggest weakness. I was never able to hold poses that required myself to balance on one leg for over 10 seconds. Give me all the hamstring killers, bridges to hold and even the dreadful upside down poses in the world and I’ll be doing/trying my best to defeat the challenges. But each time, regardless of how hard I try to “concentrate on the breathing to ground yourself strong”, I never seemed to last more then 7-8 seconds. Progressively, this simple tree pose made its way at the top of my list of daunting tasks. Strange right? Especially coming from a girl that can shop for 5 hours straight in 3 inch heels! So of course, I blamed it on my contacts getting dry and getting in the way of my vision to focus on one point for the longest time!

It really wasn’t until today that it suddenly all made sense to me. I was able to hold in this pose today for as long as Lorraine got us to. For whatever the reason may be that enabled me to channel my inner peace and let my mind go, it deserves a chapter in my visual diary! I had a vision in my mind of a tree holding me at the roots (rather then the usual car park framed by the windows of the studio). This vision was so strong that it stayed in my mind clearly all the way on my drive back home. Though, I do have to admit that it didn’t just suddenly just become easy and still required a bit of effort.

In the end, it felt great to know that I CAN ground myself and just breathe.

In the Mood for Victoria’s Secret

MOOD: Victoria’s Secret home candles collection

So I’ve recently been put in charge to redesign the corporate profile for the current company I’m working at and of course that meant to spend a good chuck of this week doing product shoots. Anyhow, here’s my favourite shot of this shoot!

This collection’s packaging design is so trendy, wild and soooo Victoria Secrets! It is perfect with the fashion trends of the time. There was no doubt in my mind when I saw these from far away in the studio that they were made for Victoria’s Secret. The designer for these had a mind that understood the brand well, great eye to grasp fashion trends and a wand that added extra *UMPH* of luxurious tactile that rivals the push-up bras of VS! LOL~~~ If only I started to work here earlier so I could have picked his/her brains out!

Queen West Snapshots

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I just came back from my monthly girls’ night out and wanted to share a few snap shots from the night.

Glasgow 2014 Pictograms

Remember the Glasgow Olympics 2014 logo? This logo was released last year by Marque and has had many mixed (not so great) reviews… I, on one hand liked the concept of basing the brand on the idea of time… The emblem itself was… meh… alright~ But what most bothered me about it is that whenever I see the uppercase letter G in green all I can think of is the idea of “green power”… like the power button on the Macs?!?! Close to something that can be (surely someone must have already done it) a logo of an eco-friendly energy company of some sort. No?!  Anyone else see it?

Anyhow, that’s not the news I wanted to talk about…

PICTOGRAMS!!! Last week, Tangent Graphic released their pictogram designs for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014. Like Marque, Tangent has based the pictogram’s foundation on the Olympic rings which ensures dynamic rhythm in these little guys.

Furthermore each pictogram is based on what they called “defining moments”:

“Having built the overarching brand on the themes of time, data and measurement, the ‘defining moment’ aims to represent that split second a gold medal can be won – when an athlete is crossing the finish line, a swimmer is at full reach touching the wall or a 
badminton player is high in the air striking the winning shot.”

Though I wished some of them were even more simplified and not so reliant on background, I think they did a good job! My favourite? The judo guys~~~